Corporate Broking Services: Flagship Product of RRS. Services for promoters to increase stake via open market or to invest in other
companies, Daily Price and Volume alert for your Company’s Stock, Discrete Portfolio Maintenance & Trade Execution.

Corporate Research Services : On Demand Financial Snapshot of any listed Company complete with Divided and Equity History. On Demand News and Announcement History for the Company.

Currency Hedging Services : Access to USD, Pound, Euro & Yen Futures for Hedging or Speculation. Foreign Exchange Risk Management Services.

Short Term Investments in Liquid Funds: Make your money work overtime, At RRS we provide access to liquid funds to park your unutilized money. There are almost 116 idle days in a calendar year, where your bank doesn’t pay you interest. Use liquid funds and make your money work also on the Weekends & Holidays!

Financial Planning Solutions for Employees: We at RRS, provide your employees advice on Long term Financial & Tax Planning. We
conduct Workshops , that help them plan their investments and save tax, leaving your employees worry free about their financial future.
Worry free employees mean more productivity for your company.

Commodity Hedging Services : Access to MCX, protect your margins and increase profitability by hedging and controlling costs of your inputs.