Investing Simplified with Knowledge and unbiased Advice
If you have been investing in stocks for a while, you might think you have heard it all. With a staggering number of stocks posting tremendous gains in the past last year, it seems to be extremely easy to be able to make a fortune with your investments. However, we make a small wrong decision and realize all our convictions were wrong.

Our aim with RRS is to minimize the chances of making such wrong decisions. And we believe, that can only happen with Knowledge. We encourage and try to provide opportunities for workshops and knowledge interaction among our clients. We at RRS, have more than 20 years plus of market experience and Knowledge. We strive to improve our knowledge on a continuous basis. All our key personals are with advance degrees in Management and Finance, with a professionally certified staff.

For the patient and educated Investor Capital Markets is one of the best known Wealth Creators.

Why invest with us?
Our clients are serious investors. They aren’t interested in gambling with their money, and would rather interact with an actual person instead of a call center. Invest with us if you are looking to build a long term relationship rather than trading with a Call Center. Invest with us if you are looking to build a stable long term non‐speculative portfolio. Invest with us when you are careful about investing your hard earned money.

RRS Institutional Services – Superior Execution and unbiased Research
RRS offers Institutional Broking Services to Banks, FIIs, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies and QFIs. Our Institutional Brokerage Services cover National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in both Equities and Derivatives. Our dedicated and experienced Institutional team will offer your superior execution and trade support. Our relatively small size and multi-location approach can offer you advantage in superior access to corporate research and efficient order execution. Our Family-owned Corporate Structure can help us build long term relationships with absolute commitment to client services.