Listed Equities

Access to Equity Shares listed on Indian Exchanges with full right to all corporate actions like Bonus, Dividend, etc

Mutual Funds

Access to Equity Schemes of Indian Mutual Funds through Electronic Form (Demat Mode)

Access to Debt Schemes of Indian Mutual Funds

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Access to Equity Shares through Public Issue (IPO)

Fixed Income Securities

Access to Corporate Debt Securities listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges

Purchase of Corporate Debt through Public Issue

Custodian Services* through business Partners

We Provide access to a SEBI registered Custodian dedicated to Custodial and related services. Our Custody Service Partner provides full-accrual accounting system with all the necessary accounting, reporting and control functions required by investment managers, including periodic fund valuation at the fund and beneficiary levels. In addition, we offer complete integration of the related services with multi-currency fund accounting, including securities lending, treasury / fund performance measurement, cash management and foreign exchange.